Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lemonade stand

If your still young and looking at this article, a lemonade stand is fantastic. At an economic stand point,

 there is a low start up cost, and room for a lot of profit. If you figure, you can buy a packet of kool-

aid mix lemonade for about 25 cents, and that should make a gallon. The water is cheap too, and your

 parents will probably buy it for you. Next, cups are really cheap too if you just get plastic cups. If you

 sell them at 25 cents a cup, there is around 15 cents of profit per cup. If you set up shop at a play

ground, infront of your local pool, or anywhere else it is busy but not dangerous, you should be able to

 sell 30 cups easy. Thats nearing $10 which is pretty good if your young. All you have to do is sit

back, and let the customers roll on through. Just make sure you have some type of an attractive poster

 and advertise buy say "Lemonade for sale" or "May I interest you in some fresh lemonade?" Just be

polite and you will probably get more than 25 cents a cup. Just make sure you have change if you need

to give a customer some change back. Good Luck and remeber just have fun!

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