Saturday, December 3, 2011


For the longest time, my Mom had a garden and let me have some vegatables to sell. The cost to water

them and the cost for the seeds is almost nothing compared to the potential money you can make. The

cost for 20 seeds of tomatoes (easiest to grow and will be the easiest to sell at the same time) is about

$3 where as you can sell each tomatoe for 50 cents each easy. Each plant will product about 30

successful tomatoes each season. So with 600 tomatoes at 50 cents each, there is a lot of money to be

made. All you have to do is grow them, advertise them with flyers, and sell at the door. I had a small

bike I picked out of the garbage and road it around with a wagon full of vegatables following me. I also

sold peppers which are good, but the plants don't produce as many and people don't need them as

much. So selling door to do weekly will be very successful. Just be careful if your young; Don't get

taken advantage of with prices and don't go into strangers houses. Good Luck and have fun!

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