Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lawncare / Seasonal Care

Once you hit that age where you lose your young charm, around 13, you can start actually working.

 For the longest time, my friends and I have been doing work for yards and driveways. You make

great money. In the winter I would shovel driveways in the winter. You should charge about $20-$30

per driveway depending on the size. For this, I would bring a friend because you may get really bored

if you don't. In the fall, I would rake leaves. It is really easy and it makes really good money. For this,

 you should charge $15-$20 for a front lawn. For this, you will make alot more money raking yourself,

but if you want you can bring a friend. However, you will lose money if you do. The downside to

raking, though, is that not everyone has trees so if you live in a city, you may have 0 buissiness. In the

summer, mowing lawns is great. You can charge $50 easily for an entire lawn and the gas will only

cost about $5. The only thing that is wrong with this is that you are going to have to invest in a lawn

mower. You can pick one up for around $200. Lastly, in the spring to summer time, I would sell


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