Monday, December 5, 2011

Investing in Gold

Gold is used in every day things such as fillings, computers, cell phones, PlayStation 3s, and jewelry.

So, people and buissnesses need this metal to make expensive goods to market for the public. One way

to gain money or secure your money is to invest in gold. With gold prices still on the rise ($1,720 an

ounce as of December 5th, 2011) there is room for you to make money if you have the patiance and

avalible time. With the volatile econmy you can secure your hard work with investing in gold. We will

always need gold and there will always be a demand for it. If the US were to get invaded and over

taken by someone (highly doubt that would happen) and messed with our economy, you could still

keep your hard work saved up with gold. Just don't go all out in investing with it because if they

discover some gold mine in Africa and gold prices drop to $50 an ounce, you will lose all your money.

Good Luck with it!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A partime job

The simplest way to make steady cash is to get a partime job. You can make money in your free time

with a job that doesn't require skill. The jobs are easy too that don't require much thinking. The only

thing is, minimum wage is really good right now so it might be hard to get job right now. This will be

the easiest, steady money you can ge though. Just go down to your local food joint and ask for an


Craigslist and Ebay and are fantastic websites for buying or selling. If you look around the room

your in right now, you can find stuff that will sell for a ton. Just sell anything you don't use anymore

or don't care about. You will always make money with it. If you have a PlayStaion 2 and you are

playing on a PlayStation 3, sell it. My friend made $90 selling his with the game he got with it. It is

simple money and it will clean up your house too. Just visit local yardsales and find stuff you know

you can buy and sell for more online.


For the longest time, my Mom had a garden and let me have some vegatables to sell. The cost to water

them and the cost for the seeds is almost nothing compared to the potential money you can make. The

cost for 20 seeds of tomatoes (easiest to grow and will be the easiest to sell at the same time) is about

$3 where as you can sell each tomatoe for 50 cents each easy. Each plant will product about 30

successful tomatoes each season. So with 600 tomatoes at 50 cents each, there is a lot of money to be

made. All you have to do is grow them, advertise them with flyers, and sell at the door. I had a small

bike I picked out of the garbage and road it around with a wagon full of vegatables following me. I also

sold peppers which are good, but the plants don't produce as many and people don't need them as

much. So selling door to do weekly will be very successful. Just be careful if your young; Don't get

taken advantage of with prices and don't go into strangers houses. Good Luck and have fun!

Lawncare / Seasonal Care

Once you hit that age where you lose your young charm, around 13, you can start actually working.

 For the longest time, my friends and I have been doing work for yards and driveways. You make

great money. In the winter I would shovel driveways in the winter. You should charge about $20-$30

per driveway depending on the size. For this, I would bring a friend because you may get really bored

if you don't. In the fall, I would rake leaves. It is really easy and it makes really good money. For this,

 you should charge $15-$20 for a front lawn. For this, you will make alot more money raking yourself,

but if you want you can bring a friend. However, you will lose money if you do. The downside to

raking, though, is that not everyone has trees so if you live in a city, you may have 0 buissiness. In the

summer, mowing lawns is great. You can charge $50 easily for an entire lawn and the gas will only

cost about $5. The only thing that is wrong with this is that you are going to have to invest in a lawn

mower. You can pick one up for around $200. Lastly, in the spring to summer time, I would sell


Lemonade stand

If your still young and looking at this article, a lemonade stand is fantastic. At an economic stand point,

 there is a low start up cost, and room for a lot of profit. If you figure, you can buy a packet of kool-

aid mix lemonade for about 25 cents, and that should make a gallon. The water is cheap too, and your

 parents will probably buy it for you. Next, cups are really cheap too if you just get plastic cups. If you

 sell them at 25 cents a cup, there is around 15 cents of profit per cup. If you set up shop at a play

ground, infront of your local pool, or anywhere else it is busy but not dangerous, you should be able to

 sell 30 cups easy. Thats nearing $10 which is pretty good if your young. All you have to do is sit

back, and let the customers roll on through. Just make sure you have some type of an attractive poster

 and advertise buy say "Lemonade for sale" or "May I interest you in some fresh lemonade?" Just be

polite and you will probably get more than 25 cents a cup. Just make sure you have change if you need

to give a customer some change back. Good Luck and remeber just have fun!